1200% Increase in Crimes Committed By DACA Recipients!

The common narrative in the MSM is that so-called “Dreamers, or DACA recipients, are a huge benefit to the US, and that everything should be done to protect their immigration status…But is it right?

Shocking figures released by the Federal government show that between 2013 and 2017, there was an increase of 1200% in DACA recipients convicted of crimes! That’s a lot of crimes.

The figures show that thousands of Dreamers have committed crimes against Americans. Perhaps it’s time to change the narrative?

Of course, not all Dreamers are involved in criminal activity (only a minority are), but it begs the larger question of whether any amnesty or pathway deal should cover every recipient, or be based on criteria.

For example, out of over 700,000, perhaps we should be looking to remove any who have committed a felony, more thanĀ 3 misdemeanoursĀ or have never had a job.

The US welcomes those that want to work hard and be a benefit to society, she always has…But blanket legislation that covers all recipients is a bad idea. People need to prove they are of value, either by work they do in local communities or by being a net contributor.

Anything else detracts from America.

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