3 Teens Steal Car, Kill 6-year-old Child in Back Seat, Black Lives Matter Silent

Black Lives only matter to #blacklivesmatter when their life is taken by a non-black. This is easily proven with the story of Frazier Kingston. Just hours before Kingston was set to graduate kindergarten, a pack of thugs carjacked his mother with him still in the back seat. When the thugs realized there was still a child in the car, they shot him in the head and killed him. The 6-year-old child died instantly, proving once again, the greatest threat to a black man in America is not the police, it’s another black man.

Just after 1 a.m. on Thursday, Archie, a mother of two from Jackson, left her Toyota Camry running and the doors unlocked. Archie went inside to buy medicine while Kingston stayed in the car. Kingston had asked his mother if he could stay in the car and wait. Kingston probably had a lot on his mind, in just a few hours, Kingston was scheduled to graduate from kindergarten.

That would never happen. He was driven away by carjackers. After nine hours, police found Archie’s stolen vehicle abandoned on a dead-end road. Kingston was in the back seat, fatally shot in the head. Authorities later arrested the pack of thugs. Capital murder charges are now pending.

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Byron McBride, D’Allen Washington and Dwan Wakefield were all arrested for the death of the child. Two are 17, authorities have not released the age of the 3rd. There’s no reason to write about how devastated the mother and family are, pictures do a much better job of telling that story:

Kingston’s Grandfather after being told his grandson was killed
His mother, Archive, had to be carried away when she heard her child died!

So where’s #blacklivesmatter? I haven’t heard a word from them, and do you know why? It’s because there’s no way to politicize this, no way to blame police, no way to make white people look racist. That’s why #blacklivesmatter hasn’t said a word.

You can try to convince me that #blacklivesmatter when they matter to you, even when they are taken by another black man.

Gofundme For Victim's Family

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