4 Star Admiral Claims Muslim Brotherhood have Infiltrated US Security – And Obama is Leading Them

Four Star Admiral Lyons has declared that the Muslim Brotherhood has actually infiltrated the United States Security and Intel Services, and that through political correctness has neutralized all of the military leadership. 

He signifies that former President Obama has been sending “messages” to the Muslim Brotherhood that have resulted in the security of the nation being severely compromised. When you watch the video, it can be easy to dismiss the Admiral’s words, but this is a guy who has for many years been going “toe to toe” with Jihadi groups, he knows his topic well.

What is clearly true is that special interest groups have gained a hold over American politics and politicians. They “sponsor” campaigns and expect services in return. They threaten to withdraw support from one candidate and offer to another when the agenda doesn’t seem to be going their way. They are a cancer at the heart of government.

President Trump has made the first move in excising this cancer, his ban on representatives working with lobbyists is a great first step in Draining the Swamp, but more is needed. The infiltration of America’s security services cannot be allowed to continue. We need action, and we need it before it’s too late.

“Political correctness has neutralized all our military leadership,” Admiral Lyons explains. This is one major factor that kept Obama out of prison.

The Admiral isn’t the only high-level military authority to tell us all this, 3-Star U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin has as well.

H/T: Truth and Action

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