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THIS is Where 40% of All Illegal Migrants Come From

As the debate on funding and a DACA deal heat up, it has become known that much of America’s problem with illegal immigration is not down to people jumping the borders. In fact, recent reports show that for the last few years, around 40% of illegal immigrants are actually those who overstay their visas.

This in no way detracts from the fact that borders must be controlled and ridiculous enterprises like the Diversity Lottery need to be stopped but it does show an area where the Trump Administration can start cutting back on the numbers.

These are people who entered the country legally with an approved visa, and then just refused to go home. It is a crime and should be punished as such. Apparently, the problem arises that crossing areas don’t have the technology or resources to track people after they have entered.

Part of what Donald Trump has been asking for includes funds that would allow border agencies to track people who have overstayed. And who can argue with this? Will the Democrats run a campaign that encourages people from poorer countries to legally enter and then illegally overstay?

Until we get immigration under proper control, there should be no leniency. Having proper, controlled immigration benefits not just the American economy, but legal migrants, too…especially those who work in low-skill industries.