46% of Voters Think the MSM Just Makes Stuff Up about Trump!

When voters were asked in a poll by Politico and Morning Consult what their opinions were on how the media is handling President Trump, a huge 46% stated outright that they thought the mainstream leftist media just makes up stories about the president.

Just 37% think that they definitely do not, and there are some who are undecided.

What can this tell us about likely outcomes in 2020 (and even in 2018)? It is clear that the majority of American voters DO NOT trust the MSM to tell them the truth; and when an election plays out, and the media start stumping for their favorite Democrat, it will probably do the DNC candidate more harm than good.

But will it translate into votes for The Donald? Something to remember is that everyone in America loves the underdog; and whilst Trump might not always seem the underdog, consider who he has working against him and his MAGA platform

The Democrats are against him, the vast majority of the media are against him, a large portion of the GOP is against him! Donald Trump is an underdog who the whole of the political establishment is against…why? Because he wants to change the system. He wants immigration reform. He wants to drain the swamp. He wants American politicians to put American interests first.

And for this they hate him.

When the majority of voters who can decide, think that the media is just plain making up nonsense to sell airtime, it is a sad day for the American media and the free press worldwide. Because the truth is…the public is probably right!

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