More Acid Attacks – Coming to the U.S

Over the last year, we have seen a massive rise in the occurrence of Acid Attacks in Europe. They are potentially lethal and very disfiguring. In the Islamic world, acid attacks are commonly used in so-called “Honor issues” because they permanently damage, but the attacker cannot be accused of attempted murder. Europe has seen a spate of these attacks this year, many in England and one just last week in France where 4 American students were injured.

These are not always carried about by Muslims, they are becoming more common among urban gangs. In a Stratford (London) shopping center yesterday, a group of “young black teenage males’ after an argument broke out” and attacked customers at the doors of the center and at a nearby subway station.

It is pure and simple savagery. These animals need to be locked up for a long long time. The injuries that result from these attacks impact the victims for their whole lives, and their family’s too. And the attackers should suffer for the same period.

The streets of Europe have become less safe, and this kind of thing will soon be arriving in the U.S.. It is a societal issue where feral youths are treated as heroes by their peers and go unpunished by a soft state. Either incarceration is a deterrent or it isn’t. And if the punishment is not deterring people from committing crimes, we need to look at punishments that both prevent people from committing them and keep the citizens safe.

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