Actress: “If You’re Enraged when you Hear ‘All White People are Racist’ then You’re Probably Racist”

It seems that some “celebrities” can’t seem to think straight when it comes to discussing race. Just this week we had Montel Williams going on a crazy rant about “Crackers” and even talked about a sexual violation of Baron Trump. And there was the transgender model who has been fired by L’Oreal for saying all white people are racist…And it was in response to this that the latest idiocy came out.

An actress, Kelechi Okafor has tried to back up the former L’Oreal model’s blatantly racist statement by releasing a blatantly racist statement of her own on Twitter, she says: If you’re enraged when you hear “all white people are racist” then you’re probably racist. She then goes on and adds further Tweets to clarify her position. All more idiotic than the last, and all couched in misconceptions and willful misunderstandings.

Let’s follow the “Logic” on this. If you think that the term “all white people are racist” is wrong and enraging, then you’re a racist. What if I said, “All short people have bad hair”? Are you short, and does this enrage you? If so, the according to Okafor, you probably have bad hair. It makes NO Sense!

Does she think that all black people agree with her? That’s beyond stupid. She is making an assumption about both white and black people’s beliefs based solely on the color of their skin (hang on, isn;t that a textbook definition of racism?). What about the black people who are also enraged by the statement? Are they racist, too?

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