Air Force “Racist Scrawling” Were Yet Another Fake! – When Will the Left Learn?

Yet again, another supposed hate crime committed by evil whites turns out to be done by someone trying to create racial division and push a leftist narrative. The latest episode shook not just the people of America, but the military too. The Daily Caller reports that: “Messages that read “Go home n***er” were discovered drawn on whiteboards outside the rooms of African-American cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy late September.”

The media went for this big time! And an impassioned speech by a lieutenant general was played again and again on the airwaves. The only problem is, the person who was “victimized” by the racist writing was actually found to have written it himself.

It seems that every week, we hear of another false hate crime being debunked. But taking it back and saying sorry is not enough. Because the media love this kind of rubbish, they play it to death which denigrates innocent people and trashes race relations, and when they are discovered to false, they media stay quiet…The damage already done!

The Gazette reports that the cadet candidate wrote these fake messages “in a bizarre bid to get out of trouble he faced at the school for other misconduct.” But it wasn’t until the Daily Caller put pressure on the Academy regarding the investigation that they actually told the truth and released the facts.

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