Al Franken – Second Accuser Comes Forward

After Senator Al Franken was accused by sports host Leeann Tweeden of touching her breasts while she slept, the reactions from politicians was less than inspiring. In stark contrast to how they treated accusations against Alabama Senate contender Judge Roy Moore, the Dems and GOP reacted very softly to the Franken accusations. They dismissed it is “a bad joke.”

But now another woman has come forward who claims that Franken grabbed her behind while she was being photographed by her husband. Lindsay Menz told her husband and parents at the time.

So we now have two incidents and both times Franken has issued a non-apology saying he “remembers it differently.” How long will the parties (both of them) go on protecting him?

In the case of Roy Moore, no photographic evidence has been issued, not corroborating witnesses from the ime have come forward, in fact, it all seems to be based on the WaPo asking random women to come forward and make accusations. But with Franken, we have not only a photo of him demeaning Tweeden and touching her while she slept, but another woman who made the claims in 2010 actually having told other people at th etime.

Which one seems more likely to you?

Why are the politicians protecting one person, but not the other? Is it because one is loyal to President Trump and the other is part of the political establishment? This smacks of hypocrisy, and worse, it is protecting sexual abusers. Have they learnt nothing from the Harvey Weinstein scandal?

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