AMC To Push Black Lives Matter Narrative With New TV Series

Politically charged television dramas are apparently becoming a thing. AMC is the latest cable network to tow the liberal propaganda line, with a series centered around BLM’s false flag narratives. Recently the popular series American American Horror Story made a similar move by devoting an entire season’s story line to bashing President Trump. AHS: Cult revolves around a female character who is so traumatized by Trump winning the election that she has hallucinations and suffers from multiple phobias.

Based on a 2016 book entitled They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice written by Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery, the AMC show will “reflect” on race relations in America today. Each episode will showcase a different scenario with it’s own cast of characters. Presumably from a black perspective. Many involving interactions between blacks and police officers, I’m sure.

Wesley Lowery

It seems that producers and network executives haven’t learned anything from mainstream media’s sensationalized coverage of police shootings involving blacks, which has led to the murder of several police officers. When you feed into victim culture and affirm the beliefs of the misguided it only pours gas on the fire. Hate filled radicals then feel justified in carrying out horrific acts. If they really want to make a difference they need to cover police shootings equilaterally across races and stop going along with the rhetoric.

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