America Gearing Up For War With North Korea: Travel Ban In Place

America is getting ready for a war with North Korea. In the US state of Hawaii, which can be hit by the long-haul missiles of dictator Kim Jong-un, the Navy is practicing what to do during such an attack. The American Navy is currently practicing a new laser weapon that can shoot drones and missiles from the sky.

The authorities in Hawaii want to avoid any panic. But Vern Miyagi, head of emergency services in Hawaii, reported that we should not wait and preparations for the citizens should be made for any attack. And so evacuation plans are practiced, such as what’s the best hiding place when the alarm goes off. Hawaii, which was shocked by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, would receive a new emergency army warning for a missile attack. The island group with 1.4 million inhabitants has been preparing for emergency plans for tsunamis in recent decades, not for missile attacks.

Now that North Korea tests long-haul missiles that pose a threat to Hawaii and Alaska, the fear is getting worse. Pyongyang has repeatedly threatened to build an atomic weapon that the US can achieve. The tests give great annoyance to the Western world. The UN Security Council has already warned Kim, but it does not seem to impress him.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who announced a travel ban on Americans to North Korea yesterday earlier threatened to put all options on the table to combat the dangers of that country. American aircraft carriers are already around the Korean waters. The United States also has 28,500 soldiers stationed in South Korea and another 54,000 in Japan. In addition, the US has an anti-missile system, with the possibility of intercepting missiles from military bases in Alaska and California.

Laser weapon

New in the arsenal to fight Kim Jong-un and other dictators is a gigantic laser weapon that the American Navy is now practicing in the Persian Gulf. It seems science fiction, but the weapon can be used soon. The Laser Weapon System (LaWS) would be more accurate than a bullet.
No ammunition is required, only electricity generated with a generator on board. “It costs a dollar per shot. You do not see the radius and it does not make any noise, “said US army officers. This laser is currently targeting drones and boats, but it is also working on a laser project that can drop missile even though it’s extremely secret.

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