American Universities Backing Antifa

Campus Reform has released a list of universities in America that openly endorse and support Antifa. Antifa has hurt, beaten, attacked and vandalized…their actions are described as “terrorist” by the US law agencies, yet leftist educational institutions seem to hold them in such high esteem that they still back them!

Campus Anti-fascist Network (CAN) say that they have been endorsed by at least5 major universities, and while some institutions deny this, it begs an important question.

Surely the point of universities is to prepare children with knowledge to deal with the world. By indoctrinating them and forcing an ideology, they are letting down the future generations.

“the sociology departments at Trinity University and the College of Mount Saint Vincent, the History Department of Occidental College, the Department of English at the University of Hawaii, and the Department of Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate University have all declared their support for the ANTIFA network,” Campus Reform reports.

It is a sad reality that the education system has been hijacked by an agenda that does not care for other viewpoints than their own. It is not only a disgrace but a real pity that we cannot trust institutions to do their jobs.

Brainwashing impressionable minds is wrong, regardless of the politics.

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