Another Shooting in Texas, Four Dead, Many Injured

The latest mass casualty shooting to take place appears to have actively targeted children at an elementary school in Northern California. It was only due to the quick thinking and actions of school staff that they managed to put the school in a lock-down situation which prevented many more deaths and injuries.

Yesterday morning, an unnamed (although now shot dead by police) assailant began a deadly hunt to shoot down and inflict as much damage as possible. After finding the school on lockdown and unable to enter the classrooms, the shooter took to his car and began “randomly” shooting at houses and other vehicles where he injured more.

The school is located in Rancho Tehama Reserve, an unincorporated area in Tehama. Police and neighbors report that the man had a grudge against someone who he was arrested for attacking back in January. The person he attacked then was killed in this attack; pointing to the motivation of a grudge attack as the initial spark.

Naturally, before the bodies are even cold, the left has gone into overdrive blaming Republicans and Trump for this event, demanding that gun control laws be put in place immediately. However, being in California, the gun laws would have already been strict. Added to the fact that this man was already apparently on bail, he shouldn’t have had access to guns anyway. This is a let down by California not enforcing the laws properly, not a need for more laws.


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