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Antifa Battle Plan Leaked! – These Documents Reveal EXACTLY What They Aim to DO!

Documents purporting to be made by Antifa explaining their plan for the United States have been leaked to a Facebook post. If these are real plans, we need to be very, very scared. If they turn out to be fake, it is cause for concern that people so insane are working with the Antifa movement.

The horror of these words and the lunacy behind them is unfortunately not as rare as we might hope. These people want straight white males DEAD! Nothing else will do for their evil agenda.

antifa batte plan 1

And if it just the ramblings of an idiotic teen, still this is worrisome. Because others do genuinely feel this way. It’s not as though the author plucked these ideas out of thin air. They grew in an environment that becomes worse and more hate-filled by the day.

antifa battle plan 2
antifa battle plan 2

This page explains how Antifa members are to use name-calling as a means to create a culture of tolerance. “When all else fails, compare someone to Hitler.” Next, they discuss how to use one’s minority status, and to remember that you are “Black first” and “American second.” or “Gay/Lesbian first” and “American third” and so on.

antifa battle plan 3

 It’s important to gain control of the media through any means necessary. Some major media conglomerates are swinging to our side, but they have not gone far enough.

antifa battle plan 4

If you are seeking positions of power in the media, be sure to obfuscate and hide your true intentions on the various social media platforms.

Use social media as a baton to slap down anyone who hold fascist viewpoints. Call them racist, homophobic, misogynistic. Create an echo chamber around you.

The next step is to threaten the livelihood of anyone who dares speak out against our agenda.

antifa battle plan 5

The pro-abortion page: This page talks about how white people are able to afford to have their “fetuses” aborted, while “people of color” have little choice but to keep a baby to term.

antifa battle plan 6

antifa battle plan 7

antifa battle plan 8

The antifa activists’ brutal approach to politics shows how dangerous they are. The need to be stopped…and soon.

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