Antifa is OVER!

Yesterday was billed to be the biggest demonstration ever, with hundreds of thousands swarming the streets to demand that President Trump and VP Mike Pence be removed from office and that Fascism ENDS in the US. The only problem is, it didn’t happen.

Not only did the President and VP not step down, the rallies in 20 major US cities failed to even get started. Antifa has spent months organizing these events. Big money political players have been funding and promoting them, and it all came to nothing as in some cities it looks like less than 50 people turned up.

Could this be the last pitiful gasp of the hate movement known as Antifa? If they can’t even get a proper turn out at the most “wildly-anticipated” resistance movement to date, what hope do they have of remaining a “national voice.” The reality is that they speak for very few people (despite what the media would have you believe).

The fact is that these protests were paid for and organized by some pretty unsavory groups. It has been pointed out that many of the marches were put together by the Revolutionary Communist Party of America. This is literally an ideology that oversaw the deaths of more than 100 million people in the last 100 years. And only the idiotic Antifa are crass and foolish enough to link up with them.

And of course, there is the “Refuse Fascism” group who are set up by, ran by, and answerable to (it’s on their own website when you look at who to make donations to) the Nicaraguan Sandinistas! Quite literally a group who murder, torture, displace and kidnap thousands.

Antifa is done! And good riddance to them.


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