Antifa Member Arrested With Bomb Materials and….

An Antifa member, Christopher Langer,  was arrested at his home and charged with making/possessing destructive device after police found bomb-making equipment and apparatus. The lunatic, who appears to have been involved in a range of leftist causes also had caches of urine stored at his home. It is suspected that he intended to make urine bombs of some type.

But this was still a deadly combination. According to the report:

“Deputies evacuated the house, and a search resulted in the discovery of an estimated 200 containers inside the home containing unknown powders, acids, and other materials. At least 79 containers were placed in a containment area, and many others were determined to be holding bodily fluids, officials said.”

With all the denouncements of different groups by the left for failing to name people terrorists based on their skin color (which is entirely fictional btw, terrorists are defined by their motivations, not their skin color), will the left be ready and willing to call Langer a terrorist?

His motivations were clearly political, and he had an agenda that he hoped to push forward through death and explosions. Sounds like a terrorist to me!

Madness and hate can exist in all parts of the political spectrum. We have known for some time that groups like Antifa have been engaging in tactics aimed to terrorize large swathes of the population, this is just the latest…and we’re lucky he got stopped. He had over 200 hundred containers. Who knows if he intended to detonate all devices himself or if he was merely “the maker” for other groups who would carry out the actual attacks.


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