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Antifa Plan Columbus Day Riots

The terrorist group Antifa (who for some reason are still being supported by the leftist media) are planning to bring chaos to the streets on Columbus day, today. Reports from various agencies and media groups signal that in cities all over the US, the rabble intends to tear down statues of Columbus and create havoc.

They have even made a propaganda video (watch above) to incite people into violent acts and destruction.

When will the law enforcement agencies move against this group? They hurt people, they deny free speech and they damage property. What more do they need to do before the government identifies them for what they really are…terrorists.

Could it be because they are well-funded by the very people who the DNC answers to? Is it because people like George Soros are funding their criminal activities in an attempt to overthrow a free government?

While they are still protected, nobody will take them down, and the media will not denounce them…and they will continue to assault people with impunity.

They may well be the biggest threat to freedom around today. It needs to stop.

Does anyone seriously think that the criminal acts carried out today will be limited to defacing a couple of statues? Of course NOT! They will riot, they will assault, and we will be lucky if someone is not killed.

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