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Is Antifa Supporting Pedophilia?

At an Antifa protest against the journalist, Mike Cernovich who spoke at Columbia University in New York City on Monday night, among the various signs was one that had “ban Pedo Bashing” emblazoned on it. The sponsoring tags at the bottom of the huge poster had the Antifa logo and the NAMBLA logo. NAMBLA stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association and advocates for decriminalizing sexual acts between men and boys.

Was this an elaborate hoax, or are we seeing the true face of Antifa?

Whilst this has not been widely reported by the MSM (I wonder why?) the few that have decided to run with it have accused people of “infiltrating” Antifa and setting up a major hoax to discredit the movement.

Point one: Antifa needs no discrediting. They are a bunch of violent savages who have no respect for democracy and are willing to attack innocent people to further their causes.

Point two: The same people who are saying this was a set up to discredit the movement never give the same suggestion of doubt to other groups who have vile signs.

Point three: Promoting pedophilia has a long tradition within the left. In fact, the former British equalities minister, Harriet Harmon, was once involved with a group called PIE (the pedophile information exchange).

Would it surprise anyone that there is a degenerate element involved in Antifa? Not really. In fact, it would surprise more people if it turned out there was someone involved in the group who was not a degenerate!

Why is the media silent on this? Are they covering up for their “darlings?”

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