Antifa Turn on Gay Pride Parade because it Offends Muslims – Eating their Own?

Has Antifa finally revealed themselves as bigots and fascists?

IN a Gay Pride March in Sweden, the attendees decided to go through what is known as a Muslim ghetto (by everybody except the politicians who won’t admit it)…And in to defend the Muslim sensibilities against a show of Gay Pride came Antifa!

Yes, the group that claims the moral high ground in every situation has finally revealed that they rate Muslims above freedom of choice in sexuality. They called the gay marchers Nazis and fascists for having pride in themselves.

You see, this was likely done on purpose by the marchers. More and more homosexuals are turning away from the left and embracing a more right-wing point of view. Is it any surprise? When we consider that the left seems to value Islamic belief higher than any other (as evidenced by Antifa’s actions), and this particular group throws gays off buildings, and respond in surveys that homosexuality should be made illegal, is it any wonder that they are leaving the hateful leftist ideology in droves?

You can either have an open, tolerant society, or you can’t, there are no half measures here. We can’t pick and choose who can be intolerant, and who must not be offended over others in a free world. It’s about equality. You either want it or you don’t….Clearly, the left don’t.

  • There has been much debate over whether this was an event hijacked or organized, some aspects of this article may be updated later as news comes in.