Apparently, It’s NOT “OK to be White”

Disaffected youth across the nation are sick and tired of being told that they are worthless and bad for sins committed by people of the same color hundreds of years ago. And as part of an unofficial campaign, they have taken to posting simple sheets of paper around saying “It’s OK to be white.”

But this is now being classed as a hate crime by school authorities who in some cases have released video footage of students putting up these papers and calling for a major investigation. When did it become a crime to say that it is ok to be what you are born?

Has the United States become such a pit of hatred and recrimination that even defending a white person’s right to be ok with themselves is now the subject of an Orwellian investigation?

Young white males, in particular, are being institutionally discriminated against within the school system that it beggars belief some of the things they have to put up with. One student wrote on Rate my Teacher that a required English class (which had been designed to remove the white privilege from the language) should be renamed Why white Males are Bad.

We all need to start standing up to this hatred. We need to speak to our Congressmen and women and demand that they take a stand against the sheer idiocy and destructiveness that is taking place across America.

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