April Ryan Goes “Full Racist” on CNN – Pure Hatred of Whites!

April Ryan, the liberal White House reporter went on CNN and launched a racist tirade that was so full of hate and bile that she should be seriously questioned on her suitability for the job.

During an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, he pointed out that according to a poll, President Trump’s approval ratings were at a low of just 36%, Ryan’s response was truly sickening. She said that the president was trying to stir up his base of ““uneducated white men,” and went even further…

“…But this president is trying to find his way out. And he’s doubling down with his base. This president knows what strikes the chord of the “forgotten man,” the uneducated or those who have not attended college, white male who feels that they’re on the fringe and not touched by any form of government.”

Is she serious?!?!? Does she not think that calling 60+ million people uneducated white supremacists is a bad thing?

Firstly, she fails to recognize reality in that women voted for Trump, black voted for Trump, Hispanics voted for Trump…Are they all uneducated white men? The politics of hate that is being pushed by the liberal left is nothing short of a sickness. Not only is she factually wrong, she’s morally wrong. And do you think Don Lemon did his job and stooped her to point out that she was not only wrong but racist? Of course he didn’t!


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