Asylum Seekers Threaten Migration Workers with Rape and Violence

The numbers have come in from the Swedish migration office that details exactly how many threats of violence, rape, and burnings the staff have received from Asylum seekers and refugees in the first 9 months of this year…and they are shocking.

There have been 2,875 serious incidents reported (and these are just the ones that actually get reported) by staff. And it’s just not good enough! Who are these people that they think they can threaten, harass and even attack staff members whose sole job is to help them get a permanent place in the country?

Are these the people that we want as neighbours? Do we want these unhinged, violent maniacs wandering our streets ready to threaten (and even commit) rape if they get upset by something we do?

European nations should immediately enact laws that mean any asylum seeker who threatens violence and rape is immediately deported.

And this is clearly not just an issue in Sweden. If we add in the same figures from other EU nations, how many threats must there be on a daily basis? It is ridiculous to think that staff who are trying to help “refugees” should be subjected to this kind of treatment. Where is the protection for staff?

Female staff are reporting being followed home, threatened with rape and murder, it’s just not good enough!

And this is happening in the US. Why is no one talking about it? Why is the MSM not covering this and letting people know the dangers that are being faced every day by those who are literally trying to just help these people?

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