Australian Senator Enters Parliament in Burka


Australian senator Pauline Hanson made a statement in the Australian Parliament on Thursday. Hanson, who runs a heavy campaign for a ban on the burka, appeared herself wrapped in the Islamic robe in parliament.

Hanson sat in the seat with the burka for about 20 minutes before pulling it out and pleading for the ban on the burka for national security.

2017-08-17 15:10:27 One Nation Leader Senator Pauline Hanson takes off a full Islamic burqa veil during Senate Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 17 August 2017. Hanson attended Senate Question Time wearing a full burqa and she is expected to deliver later in the day a speech calling for the banning on full face coverings in public, media reported. Her identity was checked before entering the red chamber, media added. EPA/LUKAS COCH AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT

“I do not mind doing this because it does not belong in this parliament,” said Hanson. “If a person wearing a bivouac or helmet is entering a bench or even a courtroom, they must be put off. Why is this not for someone who hides her whole face and can not be identified? ”

Her action in parliament was not appreciated by everyone. Attorney General Georges Brandis snapped at her: “I will not pretend to ignore your little stunt,” he said. “We all know that you are not a follower of the Islamic faith. I would advise you to deal very carefully with the religious sensitivities of other Australians. ”

‘No surprising action’

Vice President of the Islamic Council of State Victoria Adel Salman also responds to Hanson. Her action ‘makes her position ridiculous,’ said Salman. “I find it very disappointing, but not surprising as she seizes every opportunity to ridicule the Islamic faith.”

Hanson is the chairman of the Nationalist One Nation Party, who has four deputies in the Australian senate. She became known in the 1990s because of her opposition to asylum seekers and immigration from Asia, and has campaigned against Islamic robes and the construction of more mosques in Australia in recent years. Since her party has four men in the Senate, they are mainly influenced by legislation on which there is a great deal of division.

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