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Ayatollah Supports Black Lives Matter!

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump was criticized often for the people who supported his presidency, as if we are guilty of the crimes of those who support us. So if this is true, what does it tell you about Black Lives Matter. The Iranian leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has spoken out of his support for the near-terrorist group BLM in Tweets.

So this despotic leader, who claims the US is his number one enemy, supports BLM!?!?! What does this tell us? Should BLM immediately disavow his support (as they asked Trump to do of his supporters)?

In a series of Tweets, the Ayatollah stated:

Our main enemy—the U.S. regime—leads the most corrupt and oppressive govt. According to news we’ve received, they’re still supporting ISIS and the like. They support the Saudi tyrannical ruling family in their crimes against , & support Zionist atrocities in .

He ended his Tweet with “BLM” hashtags according to RT.

Here’s the question: If Iran sees the US as it’s “main enemy,” why would they support BLM? Could it be because they see BLM as a destructive force in America? I know a lot of Americans and Europeans do. Perhaps they do too?

So if they are a destructive force, maybe we all need to be examining them and asking some serious questions. BLM! You are being backed by a group that supports the murder of Jews and funds Hezbollah! Stop what you’re doing and take a long hard look in the mirror!


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