Baker Refuses To Make Trump Birthday Cake For 9-Year-Old Boy

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Dylan Harbin nickname “Pickle,” is a 9-year-old from California who became famous when Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read his fan letter to President Trump:

“Dear President Trump, My name is Dylan ***  Every boy calls me Pickle, I am 9 years old. I like you so much I had a birthday about you. My cake was the shape of your head. How old are you? How big is the white house? etc.”

Last week, in the obvious hope he didn’t exist, the mainstream press, in the kind of the left-wing Washington Post, hunted Dylan down. The Post also reported that, when Dylan asked for a “Donald Trump cake for his birthday”, his mother made him one herself, because she could not find a bakery willing and able to take action.

Obviously even bakers were reluctant to make a specific sort of cake. Very intriguing. According to a blog post written by Michael P. Farris of the Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization that protects the conscience of Christian bakers, those bakers don’t want to take part in the sacra mentalization of sin inherent in the same sex union and therefore the baker declined Pickle’s order for obvious reasons.

This prompted a number of obvious observations from Harris:

“[N]o one on the Left is calling for legal action against the [anti-Trump] cake shops. And neither should anyone on the Right.”

“The fact is that these cake shops have freedom of speech,” he continued. “They have the right to decline to use their artistic talents to celebrate events or promote messages that violate their beliefs, even if it offends a nice little kid.”

Nevertheless, throughout the nation, numerous countries are forcing Christian bakers and wineries to engage in same sex weddings, essentially forcing them to choose between paid enslavement at the hands of the State or crippling fines or the reduction of their organization.The thought that in the USA of America which we would force anybody, be it anti-Trump small business owners or Christian business owners, violate their personal conscience, to take part in a job that they choose not to for whatever reason, is un-American.

If we force Islamic cafes to serve pork chops, black caterers to provide food in a Ku Klux Klan rally, Jewish delis to serve cheeseburgers, homosexual printers to provide fliers for a rally organized around the concept of a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, left-wing op-ed authors to “serve” a traditional crowd compared to Obamacare?Of course not.Putting out a sign that says “Open For Business” doesn’t strip you of your human rights.Farris is wrong about something.

According to John Nolte:

“Pickle’s mum should publicly name and sue every baker who turned her down.The only way this fascist madness ends is if we force the Left to feel the pain of their own rules. Name them. Shame them. Sue off their pants. We have to sue for peace, and this is the only way.”



Article source: Dailywire.com

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