Baltimore Blames Police Withdrawal for Violence – And BLM?

After Black Lives Matter activists insisted that the “racist” police pull back from such intense policing in black communities in Baltimore, the inevitable happened…Crime soared!

Is this a surprise to any single person?

City Hall reacted to the “requests” of BLM to reduce policing levels n a political move that was doomed to failure from the start. Baltimore has experienced massive violence and murder rates (highest for 3 years in a row), and decided that the best course of action was less policing!

Reverend Scott, a local activist, is now saying that this wasn’t what they really meant:

“We wanted the police there,” Scott insisted. “We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.”

You see, in an area with massive crime, reducing police presence is not smart. It makes the predators happy and the liberals who think policing is bad. What it doesn’t, in any way, shape or form do, is protect honest, law-abiding citizens.

If you have ever wondered what a nation governed by Black Lives Matter would look like…You have your answer. A pit of crime and violence where criminals target the weak and old.

Scott continued:

“And of course we want to delineate the whole culture of bad policing that exists—nobody denies that—but as a result of this, we don’t see the level of policing we need in our community to keep the crime down in our cities that we are seeing bleed to death.”

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