Is Bannon Making a Run for President?

Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist, and current Breitbart head is rumored to be making a run for the presidency. The HIll has run an article suggesting that this is the motivation behind his touring of the country; but how realistic is it?

Bannon is clearly dedicated to President Trump and the Make America Great Again agenda (indeed, he is one of the key authors of it), and he is fully supportive of the America First policy. But does this mean that he is looking to take on the top job himself?

The Hill points out several factors:

  • He is traveling around the country, cajoling ideological allies to run in primaries against traditional Republicans;
  • mobilizing an insurgent grass-roots challenge to the dazed Republican power structure;
  • attacking virtually every major Republican leader in Congress and the last Republican president;
  • building a network of mega-donors who write massive checks to elect Republicans they support or defeat Republicans they oppose; and
  • creating a substantial base of small donors.

Is this realistic?

If President Trump decides not to run in 2020, there are not many people who could mobilize Americans the way that Bannon could. So there is a slim possibility here. Yet, President Trump, despite what the MSM says is doing a great job. The economy is booming, welfare is down, illegal immigration is down, jobs are up, ISIS is losing badly, and the nation can clearly see that Trump is working hard to hit his campaign promises.

However, 2024 seems more likely. By 2023, America will be a very different place than the one left behind by Barack Obama, and to secure his legacy Trump will want someone in place who believes in MAGA. That could be VP Mike Pence, or it could be Steve Bannon.


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