Berkeley Antifa Stalking College Republicans

The left-leaning Berkeley has become almost a hotbed of radicals and dangerous extremists. Reports are coming out that Antifa members are spying on, tracking and harassing people who hold different views to them. People who have Conservative views or an open Republicans are being targeted with messages that tell other Antifa members where they are.

And while the intercepted messages do not call for or incite violence, can there really be any other expectation from letting rabid leftists know where people are? It is similar to doxing but means that people aren’t safe in their private movements.

Nahweed Tahmas, the vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans, said that conservatives at UC Berkeley are “routinely targeted, harassed and stalked” by Antifa members and leftists. He also said:

“Knowing that they have sympathizers within both the city administration and university administration, leftist groups will continue to target conservatives as they know there are no consequences to their actions.”

And this is the most dangerous part. There are no consequences. Because the Antifa people are not explicitly calling for violence, they are not breaking any laws, but there will be a crime one day. And who knows how serious it will be? These are dangerous and deranged people who quite simply see those who have opposing views as “less than human” and are therefore deserving of anything that happens to them.

Yet the media still laud these people, despite numerous films of them calling for assault, committing assault and inciting violence. And this is the most dangerous of all…A mainstream media complicit with terrorists.

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