Berkeley Conservative Groups Chicken out, Pull Plug on Ann Coulter Speech

Freedom of speech took another hit today. The conservative student groups at Berkeley who invited Ann Coulter to speak on April 27th, have pulled out of the event. Youth America’s Foundation made the decision after the university announced that they could not guarantee the safety of students. Berkeley College Republicans shortly followed suit.

Coulter had originally intended to speak at the campus despite Berkeley’s initial decision to cancel the engagement, but has now said that without backing from the groups she will not appear. She then took to Twitter to bash the ultra liberal school.

In a press conference YAF and BAC announced that they will proceed with a lawsuit that they filed against Berkeley for infringing on their right to free speech.

“It’s a sad day for free speech.” – Ann Coulter

Yes indeed, it is a sad day for free speech. A stand needed to be made, here. We cannot sit idly by while liberal ideologues continue to violate our constitutional rights. All is not lost, however. Gavin McGinnes, Lauren Southern and other supporters of free speech have announced that they will read from Ann Coulter’s speech, on her behalf.




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