Berkeley Students are Protesting…Exams and Homework!

For many of us, going to school had some basic expectations. You attended, you kept your mouth shut (assuming you didn’t have a question), you listened, you learned, and at the end of it all…you took an exam.

Is this the best way to test students on their knowledge? Maye or maybe not, but it is the way we have done things for hundreds of years. But students at the “trauma riddled” Berkeley University are now protesting the fact that they have to take an exam, because…It’s not fair to “students of color!”

Ostensibly, the students are blaming all that is going on in the world that impacts them as “non-white” students! Are these kids insane? Have they lost all grip on reality?

In countries all over the world where “students of color,” who are treated far worse than these “precious snowflakes” who get to attend one of the most (formerly) prestigious schools in the world, are being starved, shot at, in some cases killed (not by the “evil white male” but by their own governments and citizens), and they STILL get off their backsides and take the exams!

Any student who refuses to do the work that is expected of the course should not be allowed to pass the course, simple as that! These over-privileged crybabies do not know how lucky they are. They should stop for a moment and think that just yesterday, a young girl started her studies at Oxford University. She is grateful and humbled to be there. Her name is Malala Yousafzai, and 5 years ago she was shot in the head by people who thought (in her home country) that girls should not go to school.

Since then, she has gone on to win a place at the best university in the world, oh, and the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you think she’ll be protesting the “white education system”?

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