Betrayal Saves Obamacare

For seven years, the Republicans have promised to dismantle Obamacare. In what was named “the week of truth” for the so-called care act, disappointment was piled on disappointment, with a dramatic end: the influence of Republican Senator John McCain who voted no.

Previously, Donald Trump was pleased to hear that McCain returned from his home state Arizona to Washington to vote for Obamacare.
McCain, the former presidential candidate who was opposed to Obama at the time, is not called a “maverick” for nothing and does not depend on the party orders or the pressure of Trump with whom he regularly has an argument or a quarrel.


Thus, Trump said about McCain, who was tortured by the North Vietnamese as a fighter pilot, that he did find him a hero because he had been caught. McCain (80), upon his return, after being treated for brain cancer, held an inspiring speech calling for cooperation with the Democrats. Something that appears to be an increasingly fierce word in Washington.

Just as for more of his colleagues, Obamacare was simply not enough. Alternatives were also required so that the former 20 million uninsured Americans would not again lose their access to the pervasive US care system without pardon.

Obamacare is also not helping. This is how the premiums fly up. But Americans are still more positive because it lacks a good alternative and no-one trusts the capital to become up with something better.

Two female Republican senators also approved the amended proposal to replace Obamacare, which eliminated the majority of the party.


All the attention was on McCain who received applause from the Democrats in their Senate banks after he expressed his disapproval of the proposal.
It means that Obamacare remains in its present form. Whether or not the Republicans try again after the summer is the question. Everyone is afraid that it will tear down the party.

In addition, next year, Congressional elections will be held, with Congress members fighting to maintain their seat. They are afraid to be settled by the constituents when the soap around Obamacare goes on. Trump is furious by the betrayal and clumsiness of his party-mates. He said that the American people were abandoned.


The president is threatening to impel Obamacare, for example, by letting its funding go so that the system is still undergoing and Democrats and the insurgent party members are forced to reach an agreement. This will certainly be continued.

You can watch the final vote on the Health care bill here:

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