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Bizarre: No Conviction Antifa Protesters G20!

left-wing radicals no conviction

During the G20 summit in Hamburg Antifa battled with the police on a large scale. Dozens of agents were injured in the street riots. Nevertheless, the prosecution of the Antifa rioters looks like a dead end. Only one activist has been charged.

The G20, held from 6th to 9th July, was challenged by activists who transformed the city into a battlefield. Hundreds of protesters were guilty of robbery, fire and violence against the police. Dozens of agents were injured.

The German Public Prosecutor’s Office has major problems to prosecute the perpetrators because it is difficult to find evidence against the black-clad Antifa activists. The special police unit set up for this purpose, 170 men strong, does not yet produce significant results.

Only one protester accused

A 24-year-old protester from Poland was caught with pepper spray and fireworks, after which he was arrested. Because of his luggage, there is proof that he was planning to participate in riots. According to his attorney, the 24-year-old is charged for political reasons. “People like my client are held so that the police are not empty-handed and to warn foreign demonstrators in the future: do not come to Germany to riot”.

Remarkably, the boy was arrested before he could take part in the demonstration. In a police check, the fireworks were found in his bag. Because weapons are taken for a demonstration, the boy is prosecuted. Het could face up to two years in jail.

33 activists arrested

Of the hundreds of protesters, only 33 are arrested. The Public Prosecution Service, however, has great difficulty in getting enough proof for a conviction. Because the activists were dressed in black from top to toe, it’s almost impossible to know who did what. More than half of the suspects came from abroad to set up a ravage in Hamburg.

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