Black Friday Record Gun Applications! – This is What People are Reacting to!

ON Black Friday, the FBI received 200,000 background check requests for gun purchases, which is an all-time record. Was it because the deals on guns were so good? Was it because there is a great ad campaign out there encouraging people to purchase firearms in advance for Christmas, or was it becauseĀ the people are well aware that their Second Amendment rights are under threat like never before?

As the Democrats launch campaign after campaign to restrict ownership and to regulate who is allowed to own a firearm, leftist groups are tying up the courts with idiotic arguments in the hopes of chipping away slowly at the rights enshrined in the American Constitution…and the people know this.

Regular people who have never owned a gun, or perhaps just have one at home that they don’t use, are beginning to understand that the state is looking to ban as many people as possible from owning weapons. And they know history. Consider the nations that decided to disarm the population: Germany with the rise of the Nazis, Stalin’s Russia, right before they began exterminating those with opposing political views.

They may point out countries like the UK which banned guns as the “gold standard,” but the reality is that gun crime has risen 27% this year alone. And these are not legal gun owners because regularĀ folk can’t get guns. These are criminals with an undefended population that they can intimidate and terrorize.

Listen carefully: get stocked up now.


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