Black Lives Matter More Dangerous than Neonazi’s According to Netanyahu Jr.


Yair Netanyahu, the 26-year-old son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, causes controversy. In a post on Facebook Netanyahu said yesterday that left-handed movements like Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist Antifa are a much greater threat than neo-nazi’s.

Thus, he seems to support Trump’s first reaction of Saturday to the violence in Charlottesville in response to an extreme right-wing demonstration. Then Trump’s view came to “violence in Charlottesville from both sides”.

“Let me put things in perspective,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook, “I’m Jewish, I’m an Israeli, that neo nazis protest in Virginia hated me and my country. But they belong to the past. They die out.”

“Those Antifa and BLM gangsters hating my country (just as they say hate America) are getting bigger and more prominent in American universities and in public life.”

Premier Netanyahu himself tweeted Tuesday that he was “outraged by anti-Semitic neo-Nazis and racist statements. Everyone should reject this kind of hatred,” a tweet that came to the late.

The Prime Minister’s response to his son’s statements was short: “Yair is an adult man and his ideas are his.”

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