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#Blacklivesmatter Terrorizes Female Pro-Police Author, College Cancels Speech Over Fear For Her Safety

Once again Black Lives Matter and leftists showed their ignorant intolerance for opposing viewpoints and free speech. Scholar Heather Mac Donald was scheduled to hold a lecture at Claremont McKenna college on Friday to promote her book The War on Cops. In her book she makes the point that police care more about black lives than protestors do.

Organizers promoted the demonstration ahead of time via social media. They painted Mac Donald as “anti-black” and a “fascist”. Approximately 250 activists showed up and blocked the entrance of the auditorium where Mac Donald was to speak. With the mob outside chanting “black lives matter” and “black lives — they matter here” and “From Oakland to Greece, f*ck the police”, among other things, only a handful of people managed to get in to hear the lecture.

Mac Donald had to resort to presenting it via livestream. At which point the protestors surrounded the building and began making threats while pounding on the windows. Student journalists, covering the event, also found themselves under attack, as the crowd grew violent. The livestream had to be cut short and campus police had to escort Mac Donald out of the building through a back entrance and into an unmarked van.

Poster used by organizers to promote the protest

President of the college, Hiram E. Chodosh announced that disciplinary action will be taken against any students who blocked the entrances, as it is a violation of school policy.


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