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BLM and Antifa Plot Protests For NFL Super Bowl!

As the NFL has become more politicized over the last two years, they have also become a target for protestors to either complain or support. This year’s Super Bowl is being targeted by both BLM and Antifa in what is likely to be not just strewn with violence, but a black mark on America’s history.

When the nation’s sports events are dangerous to attend because of leftist thugs willing to attack innocents, they have gone too far.

“#WeReadyWeComin.” is already trending and encouraging losers with a grudge to come out and wreak havoc. And guess who will have to protect innocent folk? The very police who will be targetted by these thugs.

You see, it is not the sport they want to protest, but the normalcy of American traditions. They want to stop people enjoying family days out and the enjoyment of stranger’s company. By doing so, they can cause destruction in the American way of life.

They care not for real racism or struggle. This is about cultural Marxism and the downfall of America. Nothing else will do.

But why? The simple answer is that they have failed at life and don’t want to take responsibility for their own failure.