BLM Riot Again – This Time for a Heroin Dealer!

After ex-police officer, Jason Stockley, was acquitted of murder yesterday, Black Lives Matter took to the streets and began their calls for disorder and rioting chanting “No Justice, No Peace.” In what has become an almost typical display of rage and hate, the protestors threw rocks and bottles at police, damaged property, and burnt flags.

The riots came because back in 2011, Stockley shot dead Anthony Lamar Smith, a drug dealer. Smith’s lawyers claimed that he had not been reaching for a gun and that the gun found at the scene was planted by Stockley. The judge found him not guilty and said that the idea that a heroin dealer did not have a gun was far-fetched.

So now the riots begin.

In what universe should a known drug dealer be rioted for? BLM are angry at black deaths (hence the name), why are they not cheering the officer for stopping someone ruining countless black lives by selling heroin and getting kids addicted to one of the most dangerous drugs around?

The reality is that they know damn well he had a gun. Have you ever heard of a heroin dealer that didn’t? They know that Smith tried to run the cops over to get away, and they know that he does not care about black lives; if he did, he wouldn’t be profiting off their destruction.

This has become nothing but a political tool and an excuse to cause mayhem. If he had been shot by a black cop, would this be an issue? They are using race to divide society when the real division should be between those that respect life and those that don’t: Regular folk vs. drug dealers and criminals.


Black Lives Matter protesters converged upon St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house, hurling rocks and breaking windows on Friday night.

Law enforcement officers dispersed the crowd with pepper spray and tear gas after declaring the gathering an “unlawful assembly,” and made at least one arrest. Police in riot gear then deployed tear gas to force protesters away from the scene of the vandalism.

However, the violence continued. Three police officer were struck with bricks and seriously injured.

Earlier in the day, protesters also attacked police with rocks and other projectiles.

Police reported that 13 people were arrested and four officers suffered minor injuries as a result of the earlier protest.

Later at night, demonstrators burned American flags.

Protesters also harassed and threw water bottles at a local television reporter. (RELATED: ST. LOUIS: Protesters Surround Reporter, Throw Bottles At Him [VIDEO])

The protest comes after Jason Stockley, a white police officer, was found not guilty of murder for shooting Anthony Lamar Smith, a black male.

Protests are expected to continue into the weekend.

H/T: Daily Caller

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