BLM Tries to Shutdown Super Bowl!

Black Lives MAtter activists sought to disrupt the Super Bowl yesterday by tying themselves in chains in front of (very slow moving) trains. Apparently, they want to protest an event and a league that has been more than supportive of them…Are they just idiots? Or is something else at play?

Since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee in protest of the national anthem, the NFL has bent over backwards to support vicious groups like BLM and signal their ‘virtue.” So why would they be facing protests? COuld it be because no one really cares about the messaging that BLM has to offer?

This particular stunt had a very specific aim…To call for a “Police Free World.” Yes, this is their new Demand.

Of all the stupid ideas that they could come up with, calling for the abolition of the police worldwide is probably the dumbest they could come up with.

In America, it is not the white middle classes or the rich that would suffer for a lack of police, it would be the poor folk (white and black) living in inner cities. They would be murdered, robbed and raped. In other parts of the world, it would be even worse.

If you want to all but guarantee that minority cultures are mistreated and even enslaved, just see what happens when the law disappears. We don’t need to speculate, we saw it last year when ISIS overtook territory and chose to rape, murder destroy and enslave any who were not with them (and some that were).

Is this what they really want?