BLM Wants Police Uniforms Banned from Courts

Hank Newsome, a New York BLM leader has launched a campaign calling for “courtroom attire equality” after a person attending court was asked to remove a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. HIs campaign calls for the banning of police uniforms in public courts.

This might just be the most ridiculous campaign ever launched. BLM has been described by the nation’s security services as engaging in terrorist-type activities. And the police officer is answerable to the courts in the same way that private citizens are. All have to appear when called, and all are subject to the decisions made in those courts.

He said:

“It is in my opinion if a t-shirt with the name of a movement for social justice … would intimidate or influence the jury, then there is no doubt that the wearing of clothing with a police shield would have the same effect. I was deeply disturbed by the influence that these officers would have on the jury.”

And here’s the problem. BLM is not a movement for social justice. t is a hate group that has attacked people based on the color of their skin, called for the murder of police officers, demanded that white people take a second-class place in society and was even founded by a cop-killer. Which part of this screams social justice to you?

Does more need to be done to stop discrimination in America? Sure it does. But first, we all have to realize that things based on feelings are not actionable, only those based on facts and evidence. In some ways, BLM may be right that the US institutions are “at war” with black folk, but it is a class war! It is the discrimination that comes from poverty, not skin color.

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