Bowe Bergdahl Gets Away with Desertion

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has had his day in court, and the result has left almost everyone shocked at the sentencing handed down by the judge.

After deserting the military and wandering off leaving his fellow soldiers n the lurch, Bergdahl was captured by Al Qaeda. To get him returned, the US had to exchange many high-level prisoners and terrorists. Hundreds (if not thousands) of man-hours were spent looking for him, at an astronomical cost and a huge amount of risk for those involved.

His sentence for all this was a dishonorable discharge and a small fine.

It could be argued that being held captive for 5 years and likely tortured is punishment enough. But what message does this send to otherĀ soldiers? If they walk out on their team, leaving people in danger, they could get away with it and not face a serious punishment?

The military only works because there are rules and a chain of command. If any part of this breaks down, then the operational ability of the whole military breaks down. When one person breaks the rules and is not punished accordingly, a bad precedent is set.

So why did the judge give such a lenient sentence? We know that the Judge had made comments about President Trump and many are wondering f Bergdahl got off so lightly as a slight to the president.

Then again, there is also the argument that someone as emotionally fragile as Bergdahl shouldn’t have been allowed in the military in the first place. Either way, at some point, there was a failure. It’s up to you to decide where that failure happened.

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