Breaking: Freedom Watch Sues Mueller to Remove Him

As the investigation into Russian Collusion drags on and on against President Trump, the activist group, Freedom Watch has decided enough is enough and is charging Special Counsel Robert Mueller to remove him from his position. Their arguments are strong, making me wonder why no one has done this already?

Larry Klayman, the founder of the watchdog group FreedomWatch and a prominent lawyer has filed the case saying:

“He must be held accountable to the law and should not be able to do as he pleases to further his and his friends, like former FBI Director James Comey’s, political agenda,” Klayman said. “We are hopeful that the court will order Justice to do its job and conduct an expeditious and impartial investigation and then order Mueller to step down as special counsel. There are others, perhaps who practice outside of the Washington, D.C., swamp, who could step in and do an honest and conflict-free investigation of so-called Russian collusion.”

The charges state that he is working hand in hand with anti-Trump forces and that he has gone well beyond the scope of what he was initially ordered to do.

“Robert Mueller is not a ‘man of integrity’ as the Washington, D.C., Democrat and Republican political establishment like to spin,” Klayman said. “He is just another pol who is representing his establishment benefactors in both political parties who want to see the presidency of Donald Trump destroyed.”

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