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Breaking: Multiple Terrorist Attacks Reported at UK Parliament, Police Shot, Death Toll Unknown

Multiple media outlets are reporting a terrorist attack close to Britain’s Houses of Parliament.  UK police are treating the incident as a terrorist attack.  Reuters reporters inside the building say they heard loud bangs and shortly afterwards they saw at least a dozen people injured on Westminster Bridge, next to parliament.  The photographs showed people lying on the ground, some of them bleeding heavily and one apparently under a bus. The number of casualties was unclear.

“Officers – including firearms officers – remain on the scene and we are treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise.” London’s Metropolitan Police

The House of Commons, which was in session at the time, was immediately suspended and lawmakers were told to stay inside. Prime Minister Theresa May was safe after the incident. David Lidington, The leader of the House, said an assailant who stabbed a policeman had been shot by police.

Multiple locations

Amid the confusion, it appeared the incident may have unfolded in several locations, including on the busy Westminster bridge where tourists take pictures of Big Ben and other attractions. Reuters reporters inside parliament said a large number of armed police, some carrying shields, were pouring into the building.

U.S. President Donald Trump had been briefed on events in London but gave no details when speaking to reporters. The incident occurred on the first anniversary of attacks on Brussels in Belgium. Britain is on its second-highest alert level of “severe” meaning an attack by militants is considered highly likely.

This is a breaking story

We will report more information as it becomes available.

Source: Reuters
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