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Breaking: Van Plows into Large Crowd in London, Multiple People Stabbed

British police are rushing to the London Bridge after a van plowed into pedestrians according to witnesses. One witness also told Reuters she saw people with their throats slashed on the London Bridge. This would imply there was also a knife attacked involved in this suspected terrorist attack.

Witnesses said they watched a white van veer into pedestrians, it appeared that the van intentionally hit them. The van hit five to six people according to witnesses. Another witness said she saw three people on the ground with what appeared to be throat slash wounds from a knife.

Reuters television pictures showed dozens of emergency vehicles in the area around London Bridge.

Fox news reported gunfire in their article title, but so far have not provided any information in the article:

This is a breaking story

We will post updates as more information becomes available. We may also put live feeds in this article.

Source: Fox News
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