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Breaking WikiLeaks: Mueller Gave Uranium to the FSB!

WikiLeaks has just burned Special Counsel Robert Mueller. They have released documents that show on September 21st, 2009, the former FBI Director flew to Moscow, met with Russian Security officials, the FSB (the new KGB), and quite literally handed over Nuclear Material.

The documents show that this visit was arranged to receive 10 grams of HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) direct from the hand of Mueller. It will doubtless be argued that this was all part of his role as Director of the FBI, but these arguments make no sense.


  • If there was a good reason (legal and Constitutional) to hand over Uranium to the Russian government, why was it not done through specialized channels? There are procedures and government bonded companies whose only role is to help with the movement of dangerous nuclear materials. They are used by governments all over the world and are safe and reliable.
  • If the specialized channels were not available for some reason, why did it have to be the Director of the FBI? Surely this would have been safer in the hands of a small group of trained field agents? It seems almost ridiculous to suggest that the only suitable person to “run an errand” is the nation’s Top Cop.
  • The document shows that a proper chain of custody was in place. This means that somewhere there is a complete record of where the nuclear material came from, whose hands it passed through, and where it ended up. If it is not a clandestine operation (which the chain of custody suggests it isn’t), why has no mention of Mueller’s Russian connections been made in light of the present investigation?
  • What possible reason could the US government have for sending HEU to the Kremlin? If this was a precursor to the major Fire Sale of American Uranium under Hillary Clinton, then this in itself deserves to be a major investigation. Was Robert Mueller being an errand boy for the Clintons to help them expand their Empire?

Robert Mueller is presently in charge of the nation’s biggest, most high-profile investigation. Everyone with any authority in this investigation who has ties to Russia or the Russian government has either been made to step down or recuse themselves for conflicts of interest. Mueller clearly has major ties with the Kremlin; they are, after all, happy for him to fly into their country with a briefcase of nuclear material. This far outweighs the connections that have thus far caused others to stand down.

This whole sorry mess is corrupt and tainted. Mueller needs to stand down now and start preparing himself to answer some very serious questions!

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