Briggite Gabriel Slams MSM over FGM!

At the Values Voter Summit in Washington, Briggite Gabriel took the mainstream media to task for ignoring the plight of millions of young women and girls the world over who are either victims of or at risk from female genital mutilation.

She lambasted the media for not speaking out on this shocking issue and for brushing it under the carpet when dealing with cultural debate. You can see the video below.

It is important that we remember that this is not just an Islamic issue (although today, this is where the most cases come from), but because of the Islam connection, the media are afraid to go near it…and as such are not doing their jobs!

Millions of females worldwide are cut and damaged for nothing more than a cultural practice that fits into a male-dominated society. If you doubt this, ask yourself if Muslim women were in charge, would it still be happening? The government and the media are complicit in this travesty. The media refuse to address it and the government only do what is needed to show that they are aware of it (“seen to be doing something” as opposed to actually doing anything).

In the UK, it has been illegal to commit FGM for a long time, yet have there been any successful prosecutions? Nope!

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