Britain Wants to Ban Trump

It is a shame that politicians now feel the need to weigh in on every moral conversation using the “progressive Liberal” standpoint instead of a reasoned and realistic one. After President Trump retweeted some videos, the Prime Minister of Britain had harsh words for the president and the leftists in the UK government have asked for his state visit to be canceled.

Were the videos offensive? Sure, they were some pretty nasty stuff, but were they offensive? That is in the eye of the beholder. The issue seems to be that the videos were retweeted from a far-right group called “Britain First.”So apparently, people are more upset that he retweeted someone than the actual content of the videos. Strange.

Just to give you an idea, one of the videos show Egypt in 2013 when a group of Islamic radicals push a young man/boy off a roof and then beat him to death. Now weigh this up…Which one offends you more?

If you are more offended by the source of a video than the fact that a young person is beaten to death, you have some real problems.

President Trump probably should have checked the sources first, but the media are trying to make the issue about him rather than focusing on what is actually happening in the world.

And what of the British government? They have hosted state visits for people responsible for murder, human rights abuses and all sorts of other heinous crimes, yet they balk at an elected president?!?!?

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