Cab Driver Attacked by Al Sharpton’s Daughter Speaks Out

Whilst the newspapers are full of Ashley Sharpton (daughter of Al Sharpton) being arrested, few people have taken the time to look into the taxi driver’s side of the story. Georges Coly told the NY Post exactly what happened (in his view) and how he felt.

You can read exactly his description of events below, but in this article, I want to talk about the entitlement of the so called Liberal Left. These monsters of hypocrisy who revel in their own glory and who will use the downtrodden to further their own agenda whilst spitting in the faces of those they claim to represent.

Although Ashley Sharpton’s legal representation say that the events described did not happen, we know for a FACT (because she admitted it) that she took the keys from the driver and threw them away. Consider this for a moment. If your job is driving a cab, if you don’t have the keys, you can’t work. And what if your house keys were there too?

Cab drivers are not rich people. A night’s work (that keeps them away from their families) is an important sum of money, and he has been denied his right to earn a living because of a presumably drunken idiot who DOES NOT CARE about struggling workers.

Yet Ashley considers herself an activist? For who exactly? Because it’s certainly not the struggling folk of New York.


The cabbie who Al Sharpton’s daughter allegedly attacked the night of her 30th birthday is so shaken up from the ordeal he broke down in tears outside his Bronx home Saturday.

Ashley Sharpton “swung at my face and ended up punching me in the chest,” the distressed cabbie, Georges Coly, exclusively told The Post as tears welled up in his eyes outside his Clason Point apartment.

The hack stopped to pick up Sharpton and her friends just before 1 am outside a club on West 46th Street and 11th Avenue, when she and five friends tried to squeeze inside.

“I said ‘No, only four people’ and they argued with me about it,” said Coly, who drives a handicap accessible minivan with only four seats. “They were giving me a hard time.”

When two people exited the car, they “slammed the door and gave me attitude,” he said.

Sharpton and her buds directed him to head to an address near Central Park North, but when Coly got to West 48th Street, the revelers gave him more “attitude,” he said.

Sharpton then snatched his keys out of the ignition and started “shaking [them] in my face saying, ‘I have the keys, I’m not leaving,’” Coly recalled.“So I just asked them to take another cab and they refused to leave,” he said.

The desperate cabbie asked one of her friends to talk some sense into her, but instead she started walking away.

“I followed her for over a block begging for my keys back and I had to step in front of her and ask,” Coly recalled. That’s when “she swung at my face and ended up punching me in the chest.”

“I don’t have your keys,” she allegedly spat before later admitting she chucked them.

Coly called the police who arrested Sharpton around 3 a.m. on West 45th Street and charged her with petty larceny.

Sharpton would not comment on the incident. Her lawyer, Michael Hardy, said “What was reported did not happen.”

H/T: NY Post

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