California Governor Pardons Immigrants Due for Deportation

As a Christmas gift, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, has decided to pardon immigrants that were due for deportation. For 150 lucky immigrants, many of whom are convicted criminals, they will either be spared deportation or have their sentences reduced (which effectively means they will be ineligible for deportation).

And what is the media talking about? One of them. A Cambodian refugee who could have been released earlier if she had got her act together. Why? Because it distracts from the fact that the other 149 will likely be a danger to the actual legal population of California!

IN Governor Brown’s munificence, he has used his almost presidential powers to free criminals to go back into the very communities they committed crimes against. Can I hear anyone shout “recidivist?

The media are spinning some of the releases as moral because they are “only for drug convictions!!?!?!?”

These are people who sell marijuana (which may or not be a dangerous drug), but absolutely DOES lead to other drug use. The vast majority of people who use heavy drugs started by smoking marijuana, and moved on up the scale.

Selling drugs is, and should be a crime.

How about next year, Jerry Brown gives legal Californians a Christmas gift? How about he makes their communities safer by deporting the illegal immigrants who have committed crimes? I’m sure they’d be thrilled!

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