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California Ready to Register Millions of Illegals to Vote!

Since 2015, over one million illegal migrants have received a driving license in California…And now, the Californian lawmakers are seeking to use a driving license as a way to register to vote.

According to Fox: “anyone who already has a valid license and applies for renewal in person or by mail could potentially be added to the voter registration rolls by claiming they are legal.”

This is a disaster for the Democratic process but a huge victory for the Democrat party.

Do lawmakers and politicians in California really think that if given the ability to vote, over a million people who see nothing wrong with entering and living in a country illegally will say to themselves: “I shouldn’t cast a vote, that would be wrong”?

If even one person votes through this system it is a travesty because each illegal vote means one person has been denied their basic rights…This is wrong.

The Democrats cry out against having voter ID because they say it disenfranchises people, well what is this? They scream that if even one person loses their franchise, it is a travesty of Democracy…What happens when 1 million people are disenfranchised?

This is a simple question:

Do Democrats believe that over one million people who have an opportunity to vote will choose not to exercise it?


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