California Socialists Say Only Whites Can be Racist – Then Prove Themselves Wrong!

Can non-whites be racist? According to a group of Californian socialists…absolutely not. This is part of a wider movement that is supported by the political left in the USA; they are pushing the idea that any race-based actions AGAINST whites are not racist because there “must be an element of power.”

The idea that an element of power must be involved to associate the term racism is flawed on so many levels and is an incredibly insular point of view that not only negates individual agency but also plays into the “soft bigotry of low expectations” and ignores every non-whit majority country in the world.

A Socialist website promotes the idea using this angle:

“Enter the slave trade. But to justify slavery, Africans had to be presented as inferior beings. Priests and academics produced “proof” that humanity was ranked according to colour and place of origin, with blacks at the bottom and whites conveniently at the top. The history of great civilizations and cultures of Asia, India and Africa were erased; they, like the indigenous peoples of the “New World” were primitive and savage, fit only for exploitation and where necessary slaughter.”

Are these idiots seriously suggesting that Africa, India, and Asia did not have slave trades well before the modern colonialism of the genetically European folk?

The slave trade was alive and well in many African nations well before the Americans turned up. And who do they think were enslaving the people who were hideously sold? The Ottoman Empire was one of the longest-running and most colonial empires to have ever existed…No whites in there!

These people are race-baiters looking to strip dignity and personal responsibility from black Americans in the hope of keeping them voting the way they want.

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